Editor Recruitment

GMT needs new editors. If you are interested and think you have what it takes to edit for us, read on.

We are not looking for someone to handle the "easy stuff" and hand off the "hard stuff" to someone else. There is no one else. Understand that should you join us, you will be responsible for all aspects of editing until the chapter is finished. Between the scanner handing us the raws and you editing them, no one else will be working on the raws.

We need someone who can complete each chapter in a timely manner. While the time needed to edit a page varies with the amount of work to be done, an editor should be able to finish a page like the test page below in 3 hours. If you need like 6 to 8 hours to edit such a page, I'm afraid you are unlikely to remain commited to the task due to other obligations.

Those who can only use MS Paint to edit pictures need not apply. It simply doesn't have the tools to let you work effectively on our scans.

Useful Resource
This editing guide is an important resource for all amateur editors, even experienced editors may learn something useful from it. I recommend anyone interested in editing for GMT to look through this guide.

Test page
Take the raw test page below: 
Test Page

Make it look like the finished page below to the best of your ability:
Edited Sample

Please submit your edits to miyakublog@gmail.com as 8-bit non-interlaced PNG images with a resolution of 1052x1500 pixels.

We look forward to seeing your work!