Monday, October 24, 2011

Ah! My Goddess chapter 275 released

Hagal has the upper hand

This chapter has a pullout of the OAD that was released with vol 43, which we have included. This chapter also has a DVD with music videos from something called the AMG CR game. A Chinese group encoded the videos. Here's a direct link to the page with the videos for those who can't read Chinese. Unfortunately, I can't seem to get their player to work. If you have better luck, let us know. Personally, I think you're not missing much, the songs aren't very good.


Update: Special thanks to ekimdowney for ripping the videos from the Chinese site. He has generously made the videos available here.


  1. Hi there! This is my first comment here.
    Probably someone have thought this before, but I think that everything that happened and is happening is another of Hild's plan to submit the goddess. A clue about this is that Hagall is still calling Hild as "Hild-sama".

  2. thanks for the new chap guys great work:)& it came out way faster than before i was like dam another ch is it xmass(it must b becuz my wish came true:)) any way hi kamugin, i to think this is part of some plan by hild & the all mighty one becuz i think as a hole its somethink about ken, theres got to be something about him to have so many goddess's around him, like maybe this is all some great big plan by the all mighty one to c if he can become a god, so he can be with bell forever if that makes any sents lol but thats just what i think & hope lol any way welcome :)

  3. I have no theories as to what is going to happen... I'm just along for the ride. ^-^ Thank you so much for the regular delivery of this beloved series!! <3

  4. Thank you very much for the chapter...

  5. UEBA!!! Thanks Very Very Vey Much for your dedicated and excelent Work ! :-D

  6. Thanks very much for all the great work ! It's much appreciated