Thursday, March 20, 2014

Ending in sight and future plans.

For those of you who haven't heard the news yet, A!MG will be ending in only two more chapters (four for us) in the June '14 issue of Afternoon to be released on April 25th.
What does this mean for GMT? Our task won't be done with the final chapter. There are still many "Between 1 and 4" panels that we haven't gotten around to editing. It seems they may be released in a neater format with the limited edition of the final volume in July. I'll wait and see for those.
Beyond that, there are a number of possibilities for future work. Mangas, AMG books, etc. It'll all depend on translator interest.


  1. NNNNOOOO, but in a way yes,....damm came like a shock

    1. Really? I've been expecting the end for a very long while now. Once Fujishima-sensei started his "farewell tour" as I called it, where he dusted off old characters from the manga's early years for one more go before entering this last arc.

  2. It's finished? It's done? OMG.... It's been a good long run. It's been one insane story. I hope it's a really satisfying ending.

  3. i didnt know that, thanks for the info. tho with the way the story was going you could see it coming. i just hope its a end that every1 wants, like they do a time skip at the end where you see bel, k & baby lol & see what skulld & urd are doing(along with others) i'll be gutted if i dont see somethink like that haha