Monday, August 4, 2014

Ah! My Goddess Final Box Limited Edition Unboxing

As was announced back in March, the last volume of AMG also came in a special limited edition version. For those of you wondering what it looks like, here's a preview.
This is the shipping package it came it. It's 47x27cm, that's the latest issue of Afternoon for size comparison.
Inside is the actual limited edition box. It's 37x27cm in size. The gold embossed details are good but it appears dark when I scan it. If anyone can suggest some way to scan metallic print like this properly, I'd be most grateful to hear it.
The lid of the box flips up and this is the top tray inside. The actual volume 48 is on the left. I think the cover is different from the regular edition cover, it was careless of me not to check when I was at the bookstore. On the right is the drama CD and above the CD is the booklet of the "Between 1 and 4" panels. The booklet is the same size as the panels that appeared on the spines of the Afternoon magazine. Incidentally, the panels are continuing to be published, who knows when the newer ones will be collected and how?
Not shown, but under the manga volume is a Final Voice booklet. It contains an interview with Fujishima, messages from other Afternoon manga creators (I think those appeared in the issue of Afternoon with the last chapter. I can't be sure because I can't read Japanese) and the final character guide for the series. It has 194 entries.
If anyone is interested in subbing the drama CD, I'll be happy to send you the audio. I just ask that you let us include the subbed version when we release this package.
Below the top tray is a second one holding this folder containing 12 pieces of clean cover artwork, of the last few volumes, as far as I can tell, and 3 pieces of fanworks by other Afternoon manga creators. They're the same ones that appeared with the last chapter in Afternoon that we already released.
I'll be working on this for release, but there's no telling how long this is going to take. I also can't say whether anything will be translated in the release.

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