Saturday, May 28, 2016

How to get Toppu GP in English

Ready? Go!

So, Fujishima's new manga Toppu GP debuted in Afternoon. Not only that, but the publisher is making it available in English digitally as well! As a result, we will not be scanlating this series. There is no point with the immediate official English release.
Instead, you can find the series on comiXology and Kindle, both from Amazon. Price is USD1.99 per chapter, with chapters 1 and 2 released together.
A warning, comiXology only lets you READ online for a basic purchase. It seems you may need to get their Unlimited service (a monthly subscription) to get to download the file.
If you buy it on Kindle, you'll get to read it on comiXology as well, for free. So, Kindle would be a better bargain if you want a local copy.

If we learn more, we'll share it here with updates.

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